Gel Lined Foot Cover

The Fresco Gel Lined Foot Cover is made from a 2 mm thin layer of gel covered on both sides with elastic fabric. The cover extends under the metatarsals giving over, under and apical toe protection. It provides cushioning which constantly massages the fleshy parts of the foot and joints (especially the metatarsals), giving superb relief to this area. The mineral oil contained in the gel hydrates the skin and helps to break down calluses. Can be worn with any type of shoe.


  • Breathable elastic fabric sleeve cover with a 2 mm thin gel lining padding on both sides
  • Cover gives the toes and metatarsals above, beneath and apical protection
  • Provides cushioning especially at the metatarsals to massage the fleshy parts of the foot and joints for superb relief of burning and discomfort
  • Gel is treated with mineral oil to help hydrate dry skin and break down calluses
  • Sold in pairs
Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1.5 × 8.5 in