Gel Cushion Metatarsal Pad

The Gel Cushion Metatarsal Pad contours to your foot and absorbs shock, helping to gently shield and protect the delicate metatarsal bones. It alleviates aches and pain by relieving friction and redistributing pressure. Wear comfortably inside your shoes. Great for athletes, flat feet, and those long days when you know you’ll constantly be on your feet.


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  • The Metatarsal Pad gently shields and protects the delicate metatarsal bones
  • Relief from and prevention of painful calluses and dropped metatarsal heads by absorbing and redistributing shock
  • Relieves friction and painful pressure, reducing forefoot pain on the ball of the foot
  • Silica gel cushion molds to your foot for maximum comfort
  • Fits comfortably inside shoes. Stretchable toe loop keeps pad in place inside your shoe
  • Sold individually. Interchangeable for wear with Left or Right foot
  • Durable/Washable/Reusable
Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1.5 × 8.5 in

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