Womens Rib Belt | 6″ Wide | 4″ Tall Front | Universal

When you need stabilizing support for your injured ribs, wrap on our Rib Belt. Designed to help heal and support fractured or bruised ribs, this rib belt contours to your body for maximum comfort. The AT Surgical Rib Belt stabilizes the rib cage after injury or surgery and combines compression therapy and gentle support to your rib cage, allowing your ribs to safely heal.


About universal fit models:

If you aren’t sure what size you need and fall between measurements, the universal belt offers greater flexibility in accommodating a range of sizes. Rather than coming in 4 standard “true fit” sizes, our universal models come in 2 sizes (Small & Large) which are more generously cut to span across a wider range of sizes. For belts, wraps and binders, the universal model has a larger fastening panel for proper adjustment to achieve a customized fit.

Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1.3 × 8.5 in

Small, Large