Perhaps the most obvious use of a portable heating pad is the portable aspect. You don’t have to worry about plugging them into the wall, standing in weird positions to get it to the right spot in relation to the cord, and no scary electrical fires to worry about. Which means the uses are as infinite as your ability to carry it. Keep them in cars during the winter in case you break down, in first aid-kits, sleep with them (wrap it in something in case you fall asleep on it – a sock?), the list goes on and on.

 Staying warm in the cold seasons

During the cold seasons your hands miss out on the warmth of your jacket and double layer of socks on your feet. You can combat this by sticking two of our smaller sized hand warmer Hotshotz into your jacket pockets. Keep them in cars in case of emergencies, just remove them out during the warm months to prevent against any accidental bursts.

Dilating the Blood Vessels

When you’re injured, blood cells flood your vessels and kind of sit around the area. In order to increase blood-flow you can apply heat to the area. The cells and vessels in the area will start moving faster creating more space and allowing more flow. This brings additional oxygen, nutrients, and materials to the affected area which helps pain, inflammation, healing, and happiness.

 Stimulating Skin Sensation

When an injury occurs your pain receptors start firing messages to your brain – essentially screaming about how there’s something wrong. One way to help decrease this is to apply heat to the affected area, this causes the receptors to calm down by increasing blood flow and sending parallel messages to the brain – kind of like distracting your noggin. This works great on your back, check out our large heating pad for help.

Increasing Flexibility

Focus on the flexibility of the soft tissue around the affected area – including muscles and connective tissue, this will help with pain. One way to achieve this is to to apply heat to the area, with portable heating pads. Stiffness occurs when blood-flow to  tissue increases, which decreases flexibility and causes pain. By heating up the area you’re able to promote circulation and move that blood away from the area – increasing flexibility and reducing pain.

When you’re done with the pad, don’t throw it out! Just boil it until it goes clear again and you’re all set to use it again! Check out our video below about the HotShotz portable heating pads.

Get your Portable Heating Pads while supplies last!

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