Adjustable Cervical Collar – Spinal Support, Relieves Pain And Spine Pressure, Migraines & Headaches

This AT 6013 SERIES FOAM CERVICAL COLLARS, support the jaw and neck while limiting mobility to relieve pain and pressure in the spine.

Aiding to realign and stabilize the vertebrae, the cervical collar can be worn throughout the day. This soft foam collar can also be worn while sleeping for superior support and pain relief. The non-rigid neck brace will also relieve headaches caused by cervical strains and sprains.

Useful for cervical sprains and strains, post-operative rehabilitation and injury support.


  • PAIN RELIEF AND INJURY SUPPORT: AT 6013 SERIES FOAM CERVICAL COLLARS are designed to restrict the motion of the cervical portion of the spine and aid muscular injuries of cervical area,providing maximum support to your injured neck day and night.
  • EASY TO PUT ON AND FITS MOST NECKS: AT 6013 SERIES FOAM CERVICAL COLLAR is a simple wrap on for your neck.Simply wrap the neck brace around the neck and secure with the integrated fastener.
  • CONTOUR COLLAR DESIGN FOR COMFORT: The Polyurethane medium density foam is designed as such that, the plush foam cushions the jaw and neck for a comfortable, supportive fit. The contour collar design enables to closely fit the chin and jaw for maximum
  • comfort.Made of Polyurethane medium density foam, it is soft and breathable; adjustable Velcro closure allows you to adjust for a personalized fit.


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