AT Surgical Back Brace-mesh With Tension Strap Support To Help Relieve Lower Back Pain, Back Strain And Back Injuries


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The Back BraceMesh Tension Straps provides firm support to help relieve lower back pain, back strain and back injuries without restricting movement. Designed to provide support during activity to help relieve sore and aching backs. Lightweight with breathable mesh fabric for comfortable all-day wear. Breathable mesh fabric with elastic tension bands provides abdominal and lower back support. Quick and easy-to-use Velcro closures encourage proper lifting techniques. Four flexible stays for additional support to lower back. Adjustable suspenders with Velcro safety release. Lightweight and comfortable. Easy on and off. Indications The Back Brace Support with Suspenders is indicated for the relief of lower back pain and back strain. Goals Lightweight compression. Reinforce the lumbar region. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease back pain symptoms. This is given easy back support. It is flexible stays help support lower back. Adjustable elastic side panels for extra support. This adjustable Mesh fabric features a unique design that comprises two main parts, the inner section made of spandex and the outer section with two heavy duty reinforced adjustable elastic bands, it allows you to fit it around you at your comfort level.


  • Designed with two elastic tension straps for adjustable compression, a Sacro pad for extra sacral lumbar support, two aluminum stays for strong back support and a breathable back panel so you stay cool
  • Encourages better posture and muscle strength – helping reduce back pain
  • Helps sufferers from occasional lower back pain resulting from a muscle strain in the lumbar/sacroiliac joint
  • Maintain your active lifestyle with the lumbar/sacral back brace
  • Measure at the waist to determine the size
  • Flexible stays help support lower back
  • Breathable mesh fabric with elastic tension bands
  • Quick & easy closures
  • Suspenders are adjustable and removable
  • Wide and lengthy Velcro loop tapering from the front panels
  • saves undesirable ridging of skin that causes pain when bending and sitting
  • Back panel with breathable spandex material and four rubber-stitched gripper strips keep support from riding and rolling
  • Removable knit suspenders enhance comfort during use minimizing impinge on the groin area
  • Ideal for daily use during work
  • Prevents chronic back pain, treats lumbar strains, muscle strains
  • Adjustable velcro closure
  • Adjustable elastic side panels for extra support


  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Perfect for waist support


  • Size Available
  • S 28 – 32”
  • M 32 – 36”
  • L 36 – 40”
  • XL 40 – 44”
  • XXL 44 – 48”


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