AT Surgical Knee Sleeve Long Leg Scratch Protector Braces for Basketball and All Contact Sports Kids Youth & Adult Sold as 1 Pair (2pcs)


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AT Surgical Do not wash by machine! Use a mild detergent and cold water hand washing. Do not bleach, do not wash in hot water. Don’t use dry cleaning or drying. Anti-Collision Design. The front knee is equipped with a high-density PEF cellular gaskets. The high-abrasion resistance of the gasket and the gap can absorb most of the force at the moment of collision, effectively protecting the knee from severe impact damage. High Quality, Compression Technology. High-performance fabric will stretch over the knee, to help provide padding and support to the back and front areas of your knee. Compression technology helps to induce proper blood flow, which will not only promote circulation but will also help in the healing process if you are suffering from an injury. Cover your thighs, knees, and calves during athletic outdoor activities and prevent wrinkles, age spots, sunburns, skin damage, over-exposure from the sun and more! With this warming and cooling protective knee pads, you can allow your legs to breathe with proper air flow to decrease sweat moisture build up. This leg and knee protectors cover your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
Elastic fiber will keep your knee in place, and the interior anti-slip grip protection will help to keep the padded knee pad in place when you are moving quickly. Keep the knee warm, keep tight compression over the area, helps to promote quicker healing or recovery from injuries.


  • Removes the difficulty of putting on stocking but can be worn next to skin
  • Reducing Leg Fatigue and Cramping, Decreases loss of energy from excessive motion & vibration, apply to arthritis, pain relief, injury recovery
  • Extended Leg Sleeve length for a better fit as well as added protection against cuts and scratches, reduce chafing, abrasion & skin irritation
  • Each independent PEF replace EVA is improved to shock absorption and protect everywhere of your knees
  • Moisture-wicking and Elastic Lycra Fabric + shock absorption PEF, great for basketball, volleyball, football, jogging and any competitive contact sports
  • 2 sizes; custom fitted in minutes with scissors
  • Gradient counterpressure offers better control, easily adjustable
  • Nylon /elastic – washable


  • Gender: Unisex


  • S UP TO 12”
  • M 12 – 15”
  • L 15 – 17”
  • XL OVER 17”


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