AT Surgical Leg Supports Thigh Wrap Medical Grade Hamstring Support Compression Brace


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AT Surgical The compression technology in the thigh sleeve helps to stabilize and support the quad and hamstring muscles as well as improve circulation. Handcrafted construction includes seamless stitching and heat seal seam tape for added comfort and durability. Effective support and value to keep your thigh comfortably active. Excellent for use in most athletic activities. Helps in the treatment of Nonspecific pain in the thigh area, hamstring strain or injury, mild muscle and tendon pain, heat retention and compression.


  • Fully adjustable to ensure the optimum fit and improve blood circulation.
  • Designed with fastener strap to adjust the desired compression level. Instantly offers firm support and compression to the quadriceps, quad and hamstring muscles while ensuring full range of motion, effectively protect your hamstring from strains, sprains, instability, including fatigue.
  • Easily wear this thigh wrap to retain body heat and increase blood flow, making the quad and hamstring muscles more flexible, help reduce pain, provide support and warmth for weak and injured hamstring, perfect use for your thigh recuperation
  • Removes the difficulty of putting on stocking but can be worn next to skin
  • 2 sizes; custom fitted in minutes with scissors
  • Gradient counterpressure offers better control, easily adjustable
  • Nylon /elastic – washable


  • Gender: Unisex


  • Size: Available


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