AT Surgical Lumbo Sacro Lso (X-cross) – Back Brace For Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis


Lumbo Back Brace for the Spine Cyber Spine Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (TLSO) is unique back support that is designed for back pain specifically located in the spine. The design doesn’t allow movements that could cause further pain in back with its superior stabilization and control. Features of this Thoracic Back Brace Providing Treatment for Back Pain like most Cybertech braces, the Cyberspine utilizes the pulley system that allows patients to easily adjust the compression and comfort of the brace to best prevent back pain. Soft padded liner is removable for a sleeker fit and to extend Cybertech promotion of usability. The shoulder straps and pads located around the neck are adjustable and built for the most comfort possible. The sternal pad around the neck and the extended chair back design provides extra stabilization and posture to prevent further damage to the spine. The cutout area in the spine area of the back support provides extra comfort and relief to the spinal column. Cybertech Lumbar Brace – a Lumbar Orthosis for Back Pain. The unique design keeps the spine stabilized and restricts movement, making the Cyberspine useful for just about any back injury: The Cyberspine LSO creates postural alignment like no other brace thoroughly keeping the spinal column stabilized and correctly positioned. This lumbar orthosis back brace also helps in the early stages of osteoporosis in the spine. The thinning of the bones leaves pain and weakness that must be supported. Also capable of providing the immobilization necessary for fractures whether it is lower back pain or higher up in the spine. The larger design and connection between the abdomen and neck provides complete stabilization. Kyphosis the forward rounding of the upper back is corrected by the Cyberspine with its design of keeping the back straight and comforted. Helps fight lower back and spine pain.


  • Comfortable to wear daily, unnoticeable when worn under clothes
  • Unnoticeable under clothes
  • Comfortable to wear on a daily basis
  • Provides excellent support
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • TLSO available waist circumference for proper sizing
  • Maintain your active lifestyle with the lumbar/sacral back brace
  • Measure at the waist to determine the size
  • Flexible stays help support lower back
  • Breathable mesh fabric with elastic tension bands
  • Quick & easy closures
  • Suspenders are adjustable and removable
  • Wide and lengthy Velcro loop tapering from the front panels
  • saves undesirable ridging of skin that causes pain when bending and sitting
  • Back panel with breathable spandex material and four rubber-stitched gripper strips keep support from riding and rolling
  • Removable knit suspenders enhance comfort during use minimizing impinge on the groin area
  • Ideal for daily use during work
  • Prevents chronic back pain, treats lumbar strains, muscle strains


  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Perfect for Back support
  • Made: USA


  • Size Available
  • SM, LG, XL
  • SM: 30 – 40”
  • LG: 40-55”
  • XL: 55 – 65”


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