AT Surgical Medical Wristlet – Loop, Beige (Poly Bag) Provides Flexibility And Reduces Pain


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The Loop Wristlet is a lightweight knitted elastic wrist sleeve that provides support as well as flexibility. This wristlet support is easy to slip on and will comfortably hold your wrist in place enhancing comfort and healing time. Wrist support helps weakened muscles, tendons and ligaments with additional support. Reduces swelling and eases the pain. Ideal for work, made of power elastic for total support and wearability one size fits all easily adjusted and convenient to put on. The wristlet is comfortable to wear, with its boxed construction, and is easy to use and adjust. It Stabilizes the joint and helps promote healing. Criss-cross lacing provides uniform compression and support; the hook-and-loop fasteners permit easy, one-handed adjustment and closure. Durable canvas glove is flannel lined for comfortable, full-length support. Lace Wrist Support is recommended when wrist stabilization is needed. Lace-Up wrist support is comfortable, breathable and constructed with durable canvas material.


  • Sold by the each
  • Help to stabilize wrist joint
  • Provide stable support and pain relief
  • Knitted elastic construction
  • Flexible fit
  • Hand and Wrist Supports, Wristlet 2 1/2″ White
  • Wrist support helps weakened muscles.
  • Reduces swelling and eases pain.
  • Ideal for work, made of power elastic.
  • Economical and Eco-Friendly.
  • Perfect Count and High Quality.
  • Fast Shipping so buy with confidence


  • Gender: M/F
  • Material: Polyester cotton
  • Color: Black
  • Beige color


  • 1 Size Fit For All


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