Cotton Transfer Belt in Different Colors & Patterns

The AT Surgical Cotton Transfer Belt is constructed from heavy duty cotton webbing with a secure fastening metal buckle. Designed to be a heavy duty weight bearing belt and stays securely in place when fastened. Available in americana, featuring stripes of red and blue, as well as navy. Pink stripes are out of stock.

The standard belt is available multiple sizes at a lower price thanks to the plastic buckles.



  • Transferring residents who are partially dependent, have some weight-bearing capacity, and are cooperative. Transfers such as bed to chair, chair to chair, or chair to car; when repositioning residents in chairs; supporting residents during ambulation; and in some cases when guiding and controlling falls.
  • The proper way to apply it is to keep two fingers between the belt and the patient’s body. Tighten it until it has just enough room for your fingers.
  • Ensure a layer of clothing is between residents’ skin and the belt to avoid abrasion. Keep resident as close as possible to caregiver during transfer.

Americana, Navy, Pink Stripes


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