Lace Ankle Support Brace: Stable & Adjustable Lace Up Ankle Foot Stabilizer Sprained Ankle

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The AT 388 LACE ANKLE SUPPORT has been designed and manufactured by AT Surgical specifically to treat and provide rapid relief to weak ankles and sprained ankles.
The Lace ankle support is a perfect fit for use while playing basketball, running, soccer, volleyball, football, or any other sport. It is also ideal for post-sports-related injuries.
This ankle support product has plenty of lace to fit all sizes. This is the most stable and adjustable one, offering the best coverage, also makes it the most comfortable, whether wearing it with shoes or not.
It locks your foot into position so you can walk without fear of further injury.


  • FIGURE 8 STRAP DESIGN: LACE ANKLE SUPPORT not only lace up nice and tight but the figure 8 strap design really stabilizes from rolling.
  • DISTINCTIVE DESIGN: Designed as a canvas construction by the professionals of AT Surgical.
  • DURABLE: To ensure it is durable, yet comfortable, providing stronger full around the ankle support and stability.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: There is plenty of lace in order to fit all sizes.
  • STRONG LACES: The laces are strong enough to support ultimate compression.
  • BILATERAL FIT: Our dynamic ankle supports are bilateral, meaning they can fit both your left and right foot.
  • Superior Quality: The product is MADE IN AMERICA, consulting professionals by AT Surgical, which means it ensures and abides by the supreme quality fit for patients’ rapid pain relief.
  • Specification:

  • Item Type: Ankle Brace
  • Style: LACE Ankle Brace
  • Gender: Men/Women
  • Size

  • Size Available
  • S = 8 – 9”
  • M= 9 – 10”
  • L= 10 – 11”
  • XL= 11 – 12”

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