Metatarsal Protector Pads for Sandals

Pure Gel Self Adhesive Metatarsal Protector Pads for Flip Flop Sandals are specially designed for open toe footwear and thong sandals in particular. Measuring 3.75″ long & 2.5″ wide at the ball of the foot and 2mm thick, the soft polymer gel cushion protects the ball of the foot region by absorbing shock and evenly distributing weight. A built in low profile toe spreader helps to part the toes gently and further reduce rubbing and irritation. A hypoallergenic self adhesive backing fastenes the pad securely in place.

  • Cushions and absorbs shock at the ball of the foot or metatarsal regiion to redistribute pressure and reduce friction for relief from soreness and a burning sensation in the feet
  • Built in toe spreader provides protection from irritation caused in between the toes by wrapping around and guarding the toe thongs on flip flop sandals
  • Hypoallergenic self adhesive backing securely fastens the pad in place during use
  • Latex free medical grade gel polymer



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