Tranz* Forms Full Length Top Binder

The ultimate shape wear for flattening the chest, hips and abdominal regions. This sleeveless chest compression shirt features a full length fit, covering the torso down to the hips, which can be tucked in. Uses moisture wicking, high grade PowerNet compression fabric and a specially tailored fit for flattening power, the S-1000 features a double panel front and single panel back. The double panel front is designed to reduce and flatten the appearance of the chest and minimize curves. The single panel back allows for less compression and reduced strain on the back, providing greater flexibility &comfort. This is a discrete undergarment designed to be comfortably worn under clothing.

  • Made from Golden PowerNet, a moisture wicking, high grade medical compression fabric.
  • Double panel front for supporting total chest and abdomen control.
  • Single panel back reduces excess strain on the back muscles, allows more fabric breathability, and increases overall comfort
  • Covered seams at the neck and underarms to reduce chafing and skin irritation.
  • Sleeveless, tuckable chest compression tank with a full length fit, covering the full torso down to the bottom of the hips.



  1. Take a snug measurement under the bust line with a tape measure
  2. Next take another measurement over the fullest part of your chest
  3. Again not too tight but not too loose
  4. Add the two measurements and divide by two and you have your size!

S [28 in.- 31 in.] M [32 in. to 35 in.] L [36 in. to 39 in.] XL [40 in. to 43 in.] 2XL [44 in. to 47 in.] 3XL [48 in. to 51 in.]


Beige, Black, White


XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL


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