Fabric-lined Foam Sleeves, Natural Color,For Cutting To The Perfect Length Toe,Fingers,W/Single 12”,10-pack

It is a flexible fabric material that can be cut to the perfect length of any toe,Fingers etc. Unlike the callus toe pad or toe pad for corns and calluses, our toe sleeve slides over the entire toe,again it can be used at finger too. In this way, you never have to worry about moving it in place or loose it into your shoes! Once in place, it acts as a protective barrier, reducing shoe friction and friction between the toes also it can be used during needling or sewing manually. Whether you have corn between your toes or chronic foot pain caused by toe friction, it’s the perfect solution.People can use it Finger pain due to small fracture or little injury .


  • The outer fabric and soft silicone lining, the gel contains no latex and bpa. It is also independently certified to safely avoid lead and sulphate.
  • Each toe sleeve has a vitamin-rich gel lining that softens the skin, moisturizes the nails and toes, and promotes healing. Often used, the gel toe protector can greatly improve the texture, appearance and health of the toes,Fingers!
  • Soft, stretchable, non-slip, anti-friction, deodorant. Washable, reusable, portable, easy to use and easy to store. Air dry PLS.
  • Protect your toes or fingers from friction and pressure. Soft and comfortable, stretchable and easily trimmed to fit your toes.
  • Separate toes or fingers, reduce friction between toes or fingers, relieve pain, calluses, corns, injuries and nail problems, and reposition the natural position of the toes to prevent warts, bunions and other diseases.
  • This toe sleeve does not fall off like a corn or callus toe pad, making it superior to corn, calluses and blisters on the toe pad for the most important day of comfort.


  • Gender: Unisex.
  • Condition:A new, unread, unused book in perfect condition.
  • Product Group :BISS
  • Texture: Semi-soft.
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  • Sizes Available
  • small-12”
  • medium-12”
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