AT Surgical Lumbo Sacro, 4 Stays 10” Back Velcro® Close Support To Prevent Back Pain



AT Surgical Lumbo 4 Stays back Breathable Mesh Lumbar Support With 4 Stainless Steel Stays is made of 3-dimensional multi-filament material with adjustable side pulls with velcro closure for easy closure and application. The item is highly breathable for ventilation and excellent texture for skin touching. The anatomic fitting design is perfect for supporting your back with exceptional comfort. Centron Breathable Mesh Lumbar Sacral Back Support With 4 Stainless Steel Stays is made of medical grade material to ensure durability that will last for years. It is ideal for people who utilize lots of back movement on a daily basis. Item measured at 9″ in height. 4 sizes available. Lightweight and comfortable. Indications The Back Support with Suspenders is indicated for the relief of lower back pain and back strain. Goals Lightweight compression. Reinforce the lumbar region. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease back pain symptoms. This is given easy back support. It is flexible stays help support lower back. Adjustable elastic side panels for extra support. This adjustable suspender features a unique design that comprises two main parts, the inner section made of spandex and the outer section with two heavy duty reinforced adjustable elastic bands, it allows you to fit it around you at your comfort level.


  • Provides back and posture support
  • Help those suffering from lower back pain from injuries, heavy lifting, chronic conditions or everyday stress and strain
  • Promotes healing of injuries and helps prevent re-injury
  • Elastic construction provides consistent compression
  • hook and look adjustment gives you a custom fit.
  • Flexible steel stays provide extra back support
  • Also removable for greater flexibility
  • Fits waist sizes 36 to 42 inches
  • hand washable
  • Removable knit suspenders enhance comfort during use minimizing impinge on the groin area
  • Ideal for daily use during work
  • Prevents chronic back pain, treats lumbar strains, muscle strains
  • Adjustable velcro closure
  • Adjustable elastic side panels for extra support


  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Perfect for waist support


  • Size Available
  • SM: 30-45”
  • LG:45-60”


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