As an expectant parent gets further and further into pregnancy, the weight they must carry grows exponentially. The average size of a baby with forty weeks gestation is seven and a half pounds. Add in any additional pounds gained during the process and your back becomes a hub for stress. When the pain killer options available to you are slim to none, what do you do? Your doctor may recommend doing simple exercises to keep the part of your body moving, and naturally some rest! See three exercises that you can do to help relieve back ache below:

Core Twists

Begin by taking a resistance band or a small dumb weight and stand with your arms at shoulder length feet apart. If using a resistance band your foot should be firmly planted on the band to keep it from slipping into you.

Next, take your body and twist it in the opposite direction from where you’re standing on the band. You should feel your core engaging. Continue this for 10 to 15 reps, and then switch sides!

This exercise works by using the muscles in your core, which help support your power back. When your core is strong, your lower back is more supported and the weight of your child is balanced out.

Deadlift to Curl

Your feet should begin stride length apart from each other, one side in front of the other. You’ll want to have a low-weight dumbbell in each hand.

Lean forward and engage your core, with the dumbbells at your side. From here, you’ll want to slowly lift your upper body up while turning the dumbbells into your body. Continue this for five to ten reps then switch sides.

Triangle Pose

This position uses the techniques of yoga to help you stretch your body. Begin by takin your feet and putting them a strides length away from each other. Reach out with your arms in each direction.

Next cross your left arm over your right side and stretch. Keep your head level and looking up toward the ceiling, and make sure your arms are a straight as possible.

Come back up and cross in the opposite direction. Do this five or six times holding in each position for a while. This will help elongate your body and keep your back relieved of tension.

Let us know how these exercises help, and send us some hints and tips from your own exercise routine! We’d love to hear about them. In the meantime, check out our store for pregnancy support belts that help manually alleviate pain and support your belly when carrying.

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