Everyone experiences back pain.

No amount of talent, notoriety, or smarts will stop back pain from rearing it’s ugly head. Here are a few famous victims of the infamous condition…


Bono was afflicted with a herniated disc and severe compression of the sciatic nerve while training for the U.S. leg of U2’s 360 degrees tour. That’s what you get for putting your album on my phone, buddy!

George Clooney

America’s top DILF suffered from a back injury on the set of Syria that was so bad that spinal fluid was leaking out of his nose.

Elizabeth Taylor

Born with scoliosis, Elizabeth’s pain got so bad she developed dependency on alcohol, painkillers, and sleeping pills.
RIP Elizabeth, thanks for the years of entertainment.

Tobey Maguire

While on the set of Seabiscuit, Tobey Maguire developed a back injury from horseback riding. The pain was so bad he almost lost his role as Spiderman for the sequel. (His replacement would have been Jake Gyllenhall.)

Jerry Lewis

Grandma’s favorite comedian has a well-documented history of struggling with back pain.

Living with back pain?

Learn about the mental and emotional side of back pain
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