Congratulations on delivering your new baby! Being a parent can be so rewarding, but sometimes life’s anxieties get in the way. Bleeding is typical after pregnancy as the body sheds uterus lining that it built up during pregnancy, along with discharge of any postpartum fluids and materials. Bleeding can last between 4-6 weeks, but everyone’s body is different – so don’t worry if you bleed for more or less time. Below are some experiences with post-pregnancy bleeding and discharge, along with some products we sell that can help you out along the way!

Review of Symptoms:

Lochia rubra — first 2 to 3 days after delivery

  • the lochia is mostly blood
  • the blood looks bright red
  • the blood flow can be heavy to moderate
  • you may see small blood clots

Lochia serosa — starts about day 4 and lasts until day 10

  • the color changes to pink or pinkish-brown
  • the flow is much less
  • blood clots or bright red blood during this time may be signs of a problem.

Lochia alba — from about day 10 until day 21

  • the color is light yellow to a cream color
  • the flow has almost stopped and does not smell
  • the presence of clots, a bad smell, or bright red blood may be signs of a problem

The progression from lochia rubra to lochia serosa to lochia alba should not reverse. The color should always turn from red to pink to white as the amount of discharge gets less and less. If you see a red flow after the flow has turned pink or white, call your doctor right away.

Also, call your doctor right away:

☎ if you have heavy bleeding that soaks more than 1 pad per hour for 3 hours

☎ if you see blood clots or bright red blood after the 4th day

☎ if the lochia smells bad (it should smell like your normal menstrual flow)

☎ if you do not see any lochia during the first 2 weeks

☎ if you have bad cramps and heavy bleeding

☎ if you have a fever over 100.4˚ F

☎ if you have severe pain in your lower abdomen




My daughter was born, and after 9 days I had already stopped bleeding. I have checked with the internet and my bleeding has went through all the stages that is supposed to take four to six weeks. I am breastfeeding so I am not sure if that is helping thin it out.


It definitely must vary significantly per person. I am 5’2″ and was 118 pre-delivery and 160 when I delivered, they didn’t weigh me after so I’m not sure what my current weight is. Anyway, I’m less than 3 days post-partum and have very minimal spotting. I don’t need a pad, just a liner, and it’s mostly clear/pink fluid, not bloody at all, so it really just depends on the person. However, they did have me on pitocin to induce, and continued it for quite a while after delivery (several hours), plus I am breastfeeding, all of which helps close things off more quickly.


Mine tapers, then picks up, then tapers, then picks up.  Then disappears, then comes back.  It sometimes takes 3-4 weeks to completely end.  Afternoon is a typical time for increase.  Mom is tired, milk is lower, hormones are moving around, water needs to increase.  We don’t realize what “I’m really not doing very much” really means!  We ALL do way too much post partum.  My midwife told me that in some cultures the new mom stays in her home and the women take turns bringing food, caring for children, and giving her an hour long full body massage each day for at least a month! So listen to your body, that’s true.  Red blood means lay down, drink water, nurse and rest.  If it’s still there at 6 weeks, be drastic! I am a mother of 6, my youngest is 5 months and I’mm 40 years old.


When I was at 2 weeks it had pretty much tapered off to nothing, did not need more than one pad a day. Well about a week after I started passing fairly large clots again, very black ones, and lots of very dark bleeding. More than my normal period, I have never had a cloth pad fail me during my normal cycles – but they were then. The bleeding was constant all day, I was doing quite a bit, but only out of necessity. It slowly tapered after that, and I was done after the fifth or sixth week.

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