It’s a magical time in your life, you have just discovered you’re expecting a little one! Life just seems so delicate and beautiful… and did someone say PAINFUL? Your feet ache, your joints are stiff, and your back is KILLING you. It’s okay, we get it and so do these expecting folks! Read on about their experiences with back pain during pregnancy, and how they addressed it in their varying circumstances.


I fell on hard ice 5 years ago, after that I had pricking pain in lower back for about 2 months or so. I wasn’t able to find the exact place of my pain, I could only sense its in my lower back. Then it faded away by itself, but when I’m feeling sick or tired the pain starts again. Now I’m 7 weeks pregnant, and my back aches a lot. No matter what I do the pain doesn’t go away! Especially when I am to bed at night, I find I’m not able to move at all. I have tried laying down on a flat surface and it seems ok for a while, but it worsens after a few minutes.


I’m currently 8 months pregnant, and have managed to gain only 21 pounds so far. You really need to watch how much you’re actually taking in on a daily basis, and, if you can, take walks. That way whatever you’re taking in, you’re only keeping what you need and getting rid of what you don’t need. Experiencing back pain that soon is actually normal, cause your body just isn’t use to your growing uterus. When you get to be about 8 months is when the back pain really starts. Just a heads up. Oh and Tylenol won’t relieve much of it at all. Just do different stretches they help ease it a lot.


I have been having head aches as well and think that is has to do with my back pain. The doctor says my back pain is caused by a pinched Sciatic Nerve. Sitting too long causes it and standing too long causes it to hurt worse. I also noticed when I am extremely busy moving about at the end of the day it catches up to me causing me more pain. I try to snack frequently to not get headaches and I take Tylenol the only thing we can take right now. physical therapy and stretches are suppose to help with the back but in my case do not.


I have a disc bulge and am 10 weeks pregnant and the pain is getting substantially worse. I was going to a heated pool doing aqua aerobics, this was great for my back. I initially started walking in water, then running and then I started the classes. The pain went away completely – until I stopped going. Now that I am pregnant I’ll be starting up again as well as dong Pilates. Swimming is just as good, but best to work yourself up to it after walking a few days a week for a few weeks, then running a few days a week for a few weeks and then the swimming or aqua aerobics.


I cannot advocate Pilates enough for avoiding back pain! Before pregnancy I had a herniated disc with the whole sciatic thing… surgery was highly recommended. My GYN kindly warned that I would be in a lot of discomfort if I ever became pregnant. I opted out of surgery and started individualized Pilates for a year before pregnancy which helped my back. When I became pregnant (or beginning in my 2nd trimester) my Pilates instructor altered my routine a bit, and I did my own condensed version at home EVERY day of pregnancy, including the day I gave birth, and I was healthier than I’d ever been! Of course it was after giving birth that I had no time (not even 25 minutes) to spare for exercising or going to Pilates class and that’s when the back pain started again. However, once my son became more independent I resumed my condensed routine and haven’t had issues with back or sciatic pain in a few years.

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